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Anjanette Nikodym

Schools: Anderson Elementary, Farias ECC, Highland Heights Elementary, KIPP Journey, Mistral CEC, Valley West Elementary

Favorite recipe: Put-it-on-Anything Pesto.

Déjà King

Schools: Galena Park Elementary, Hartsfield Elementary, Kruse Elementary, Park Place Elementary, Teague Elementary, Woodson Elementary

Favorite recipe: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pecans.

Jackie Delagarza

Schools: Adella Young Elementary, Cimarron Elementary, James DeAnda Elementary, Normandy Crossing Elementary, Sam Houston Elementary, South Houston Elementary

Favorite recipe: Pasta Primavera.

Juana Flores

Schools: Blackshear Elementary, Coop Elementary, Dogan Elementary, Ermel Elementary, Mary Holley Elementary, Piney Point Elementary

Favorite recipe: Poblano Salsa.

Samantha Rodriguez

Schools: Looscan Elementary, MacGregor Elementary, Peck Elementary, Sherman Elementary, Smith Elementary, Walnut Bend Elementary

Favorite recipe: Black Bean & Corn Salsa and Mango Tango Salsa.

Tanya Reyes

Schools: Mitchell Elementary, Morales Elementary, Parks Elementary, Pyburn Elementary, Thomas Hancock Elementary, Tijerina Elementary

Favorite recipe: Black Bean Dip.

Tessa Sweeney

Schools: Armstrong Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Holmquist Elementary, KIPP Mosaic, Moreno Elementary, Wesley Elementary

Favorite recipe: Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich.

Tibisay Guzman

Schools: Bailey Elementary, Havard Elementary, Red Bluff Elementary, Robinson Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Woodland Acres Elementary

Favorite Recipe: Crunchy Celery and Apple Salad.

Briana Compton

Schools: Hodges Elementary, Floyd Elementary, Bradfield Elementary, Memorial Elementary, Hanby Elementary, McKamy Elementary

Favorite recipe: Black Bean Dip.

Cynthia Ballesteros

Schools: Anson Jones Elementary, Cannaday Elementary, Julius Dorsey Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, John Neely Bryan Elementary, Lucy Mae McDonald Elementary

Favorite recipe:

Ibeth Hernandez

Schools: Meadows Elementary, Central Elementary, Blanton Elementary, Dobie Pre-Kindergarten School, Arturo Salazar Elementary, McKenzie Elementary

Favorite recipe: Minty Grapefruit Salad.

Yesenia Mejia

Schools: Mendenhall Elementary, Sylvia Mendez CREW Leadership Academy, Gilbert Cuellar Elementary, RISD Academy, McWhorter Elementary, Seagoville North Elementary

Favorite recipe: Sweet Potato Cookies.

Mia Ellis

Schools: Widén Elementary, KIPP Austin Comunidad, TA Brown Elementary, Austin Achieve Elementary, Overton Elementary, Perez Elementary

Favorite recipe: Smoky Greens.

Rebeca Hernandez Gonzalez

Schools: Langford Elementary, McBee Elementary, Oak Springs Elementary, Govalle Elementary, Jordan Elementary, Houston Elementary

Favorite recipe: X-Ray Vision Smoothie.

Veronica Cabrera

Schools: Linder Elementary, Cook Elementary, Andrews Elementary, Metz-Sanchez Elementary, Norman-Sims Elementary, Rodriguez Elementary

Favorite recipe: Pasta Primavera.

Michael Sewa

Schools: Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, PS 48M - PO Michael J Buzcek, PS 92Q, PS 151Q – Mary D Carter, PS 228Q - Early Childhood Magnet School of the Arts, PS 280Q

Favorite recipe: Brighter Bites Smoothie.

Gina Flores

Schools: PS 145M - The Bloomingdale School, PS 149Q - Christa McAuliffe, PS 151K - Lyndon B. Johnson, PS 212Q, PS 327K, Riverdale Avenue Community School, Riverdale Avenue Middle School

Favorite recipe: Mango Tango Salsa.

Emily Owen

Schools: Adelphi Elementary, Beacon Heights Elementary, Robert Gray Elementary, Cooper Lane Elementary, Mary Harris Elementary, Judge Sylvania Woods Elementary

Favorite recipe: Smoky Greens.

Rajni Sood Laurent

Schools: Edward Felegy Elementary, Dodge Park Elementary, Thomas Stone Elementary, Chillum Elementary, Cherokee Lane Elementary, Riverdale Elementary

Favorite recipe: Hulk Smoothie.

Leidy Vassell

Schools: RCMA Immokalee Charter School, Avalon Elementary, Pinecrest Elementary

Favorite recipe: Triple Fruit Coleslaw.

Tamaella Andrus

Schools: Golden Gate Elementary, Parkside Elementary, Village Oaks Elementary, Edgewood Academy

Favorite recipe: Bell Pepper Bowls.

Carolina Sanchez-Jimenez

Schools: La Gloria Elementary, Oak Avenue Elementary School, Arroyo Seco Academy, Monterey County Head Start, Gonzales Head Start, Fremont Head Start, Alisal Community Head Start, First Steps Head Start, Martin Luther King Head Start, Mary Chapa Head Start

Favorite recipe: Veggie Lasagna.


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